Writings on the Future

I recently worked with some students at one of the local early colleges. They were asked to write about what they envisioned the future to be like. Here are some of the responses:

  • The English language will have drastically changed. Textspeak, numbers based, symbols, etc.
  • There will be farming robots and new technology that will convert all waste products imaginable into energy.
  • The world will be desolate and all of society will live virtually through simulations.
  • Who will be in charge? Robots.
  • Everyone does everything for leisure. No one will contribute to society in a meaningful way except that everyone will have a Tumblr. It will be artsy.

There were many other unique and funny responses, but what I really found interesting was that many thought our society would backslide and that real human interaction would decline. It makes me question how all this technology is really shaping our society. Sure the advances we have made are pretty exciting, and, yes, I get pretty antsy when I hear wind of a new Apple announcement, but what are the implications for the future?

My first real post, and it is a bit dreary. Hope this isn’t a indicator of what is to come.


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