EMP Strikes and Zombies

Is anyone else as excited as I am to have heard about the new TV series coming this fall called Revolution on NBC?

Here’s the trailer:

Since I am a huge Apocalypse/Zombie nut fan, upon hearing about this I reflected on my previous thoughts of EMP strikes after reading William R. Forstchen’s One Second After. How would I survive an EMP strike? I could use none of the useful technology I have grown accustomed to using. Communication would be primitive and our once huge social network of friends and information would be drastically reduced to whomever and whatever would be accessible on foot/bicycle. So where would I go to find information on how to survive once an EMP hit? I am so happy to say this, the LIBRARY. Most communities have information centers, and many of them are libraries. While accessing information online is out, there is still a wealth of knowledge on the shelves of every library. You could easily access information that spanned from edible local plants to understanding green energy. I wasn’t the only one to think of how useful the library would be during a disaster.

Some of the staff of Miller Library at McPherson College came up with the awesome idea to help introduce what types of resources the library has to offer through publishing a Zombie Guide to the Library. The students in the guide find themselves under a zombie attack and make their way to the library. There they find all the information they need to understand what is going on with the Zombies and end up defeating them.  Not only is it entertaining, but the comic book format is super accessible to students. Who wants a 30-min  lecture on what the library has to offer when you can explore the library through a comic with zombies? Maybe I am partial to this because of my own zombie interests, but I wish I had come up with the idea. Either way the library is a great place to go to find information on any topic. So, now we have two more reasons to save libraries: Zombie and EMP strike survival information. 🙂



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