Social Media and the End of Gender

Johanna Blakely presented a TED talk a few years ago that I recently watched and found very interesting.

She offers up an interesting point of how old-school advertising demographics models aren’t easily applied to social media consumers today. She argues that people online don’t necessarily come together based on age, gender, etc. They come together based on things they like and love (taste communities). She believes that shared interests and values have become much more powerful than demographics, which means advertising models have to change to reflect this.

As we click through sites and interact online, it is much easier to find out what people like than who they  are (age, gender, income etc.). Here’s the video for the full talk.

Blakely’s presentation reminded me of the time I played around with figuring out how old Google thought I was. Want to see what Google thinks of you based on the web sites you have visited? Click here.


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