Pixton Review

*true story

I recently completed an assignment on Privacy for my Social Media class. For one part of the assignment, I used Pixton to create a library comic strip. You can see the whole strip on my LIS Projects page.

Pixton is an easy to use Click-and-Drag comic creator. No drawing skills are needed. All you need is a vision. The really neat thing about this comic creator is that the people you choose to use in the comic are completely customizable. You can adjust limbs, facial expressions, features, etc., to create your comic. There is a free limited version available. The upgraded version gives you much more freedom in what you can do with characters, backgrounds, and layouts. The pricing is relatively inexpensive and flexible. Since I only needed to use it for one project, I paid a low one-time fee ($4.99) and had all the upgraded options for a month.

There are many other companies like this online. For videos, I like Xtranormal and GoAnimate. (more on these in the future). They are all great for fun, but they are also neat tools to use for education. Many of the comic/video creators you can find online have options for educators. This option usually gives a safer environment and interface for students to use in schools. I am very interested in finding digital media outlets to share with students to help them create  educational projects. The opportunities are endless in terms of how you can use this for education. Anything from having students make math music videos to modernizing literary classics through comics is possible.


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