How did I miss this?

This  week I had an assignment asking to define the difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. What? How did I miss hearing  the term Web 3.0? While searching for the answers I found information dating as far back as 2006 on this term. I’m super late. Anyway, I found two great slide shows that uses the analogy of stamp collecting to explain intelligent web searching.

Web 3.0 – part I

View more PowerPoints  from Juliana Almeida
Web 3.0 – part II

View more PowerPoints from Juliana Almeida

<Nerd alert> Aren’t analogies great? They help to bring  relevance to concepts that might otherwise fly completely over our heads. When my students rarely sometimes used to to stare at me with vacant eyes not really getting a concept, I could always depend on a good-old analogy. Making sure to keep things simple and relevant when introducing complex concepts can be a great bridge into teaching heavy information. </Nerd alert>


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