Context vs Keywords

I was talking with Ike about my new understanding of Web 3.0 and how it is about making connections with information rather than making connections with people (Web 2.0). We also talked about how connecting data and databases will lead to a much more natural search. The context of our questions will be understood rather than just the keywords. Ex. You are planning to meet with friends and you want to have dinner and see a movie. Instead of searching for places to eat in close proximity of a theatre and movie times separately, you can search your questions together and receive suggestions that answer both questions at once. Kind of like having a natural conversation with a computer that picks up on the meaning of the request rather than the individual words. If you really think about the implications of this it will make your head spin with nutty glee (well at least mine).

I’ll be taking Database Design next fall, and Ike actually mentioned wanting to learn how it all works.  He explained that the CTE teacher at one of the high schools told her students that database designers rule the world because no matter who you are, you need a database. That is the very reason why I think librarians will always be around. No matter what state we are in life, we will all need to have the information we seek organized in some way. Who are the organizers and disseminators (i.e. rulers of the world)? Librarians.


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