Libraries Without Walls

Good news folks!

I got another job! I still work here, but now I will also be working with the Digital Projects Department in the library! They recently received a LSTA grant to fund their Textiles, Teachers, and Troops project (more info here). I will be helping out on the project by digitizing archival materials, photographs, monographs, scrapbooks, and anything else they need me for. This is an exciting opportunity for me, and it is bringing me one step closer to finding a career in digital librarianship. Yay! I am also in a Digital Libraries class this semester (LIS 644), and the final project for the class includes creating our own digital collection. How awesome is that? I am looking forward to both.

I already have an idea for my final project in Digital libraries. Both the job and class have reignited my desire to work with preservation through gathering oral histories. The human story is a great complement to the history we find in textbooks. I feel the human factor of history connects us much more deeply to our past than facts, figures, and data. Sadly, if these human memories and stories aren’t collected, they will be lost.  For my project, I want to learn more about my family and preserve their history and experiences. My parents grew up in an environment so unlike mine, and they have so much to share about their own experiences. Let me tell you, my dad can weave a tale (sometimes tall :-)). So that’s my idea, and when it’s way more developed, I’ll share more here about it.

Until then,



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