Grad School Surprise

I was recently talking with another library student, and she asked me what was the most surprising thing about being in graduate school. It was a difficult question to answer because this is my second time in graduate school. I knew coming in what to expect and the types of responsibilities I would have. What I didn’t realize was that I would have an entirely different perspective from before, so that was the most surprising thing to me. I’m no longer a young student right out of undergrad. I’ve been in the workplace and lived with adult priorities.  For me, going back to school is a second chance to redefine exactly what I want out of my career, and I take that very seriously.

While I was browsing through Hack Library School, I found an article that explains this different perspective quite well.  One of the points Sanders brought up that resonated with me was being ahead of the game, but still having to start from scratch. Sometimes, on days that have been particularly rough, I feel that although I have experience in the workforce as a teacher, I’ve taken a few steps back in trying to restart my career. Those are just the bad days, though. On the good days, I know that all the things I’ve done before are going to transfer into applicable skills that will help me in this new career path.

On another note, I’m a bit obsessed with Hack Library School at the moment. They have some pretty awesome posts. One thing I am completely in support of is having major technology requirements for students in Library School, so these two posts rocked my socks off!  Check them out.

Why I learned to Love the Command Line

Librarian By Name, Geek By Nature


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