JCLC Impressions

What an amazing feeling it is to walk into a room and interact with professionals who are not only richly diverse, but are also ready and excited to have conversations with you that help to promote change within the field of librarianship. We all know how little representation librarians of color have in this field, so to be surrounded by so many people from various backgrounds was absolutely inspiring. I am also so proud that the faculty and ACE cohort from UNC-G combined represented the largest group in attendance at JCLC! We showed up!

The theme of this year’s conference, Gathering at the Waters: Celebrating Stories, Embracing Communities, was so fitting because I immediately felt welcomed and it was a celebration just to be there. I was invigorated and reenergized at JCLC. I am ready to continue to push for change and diversity by having conversations with people about all of the ideas and information I took away from JCLC.

Here are a couple of photo highlights from the trip:

Devon and I visiting the exhibits.

Dr. Sha Li Zhang and Gerald Holmes after presenting at the session “Immersed in Leadership Development: A Week in Cambridge”

I hope everyone who attended JCLC left with some inspiration!



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