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I recently finished the Newsflesh trilogy by Mira Grant. *Disclaimer: This trilogy is about a zombie apocalypse, but what I am about to write about does actually have to do with technology.

So this trilogy was interesting because Grant not only explored the epidemiology of the zombie virus, but she also wrote the novel through the perspective of young news bloggers. During the invasion, the public became distrustful of traditional news sources when they didn’t take the outbreak seriously. The bloggers were the individuals who began reporting where outbreaks were occurring and what people were doing to stay alive. This helped the world’s non-infected population to survive. Thus bloggers replaced mainstream news outlets.

In an interview found in the back of the first novel, Feed, Grant answers the question of whether or not she thinks blogs will ever overtake mainstream media –without the assistance of a zombie plague. Grant responded by saying, “I think it’s already happening. Newspapers are adapting and moving online, but much like how more and more people are looking to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show for their news, I think more and more online readers are looking to the blog community. Once you figure out the signal-to-noise ratio, it’s a great way to get your news.”

I thought this was an interesting take on how blogging society is beginning to evolve. With the younger generations focusing more on social media and non traditional news outlets to find information, I think it will be very interesting to see what happens to broadcast news stations in the next couple of generations. Print hasn’t died yet, and I don’t believe traditional news sources will die out before my time, but they will have to continue to evolve to keep up with sources online.


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