Fast Company Finds

I discovered Fast Company a few months ago. Where else can you find innovation, technology, business, and design all in one magazine and website? They rock my socks off. In their October issue they showcased 50 creative pioneers with their Innovation by Design award. Here are a few of the pioneers they featured. Check them out.

  1. Teagueduino–  Arduino, an open source platform created for building DIY gadgets.
  2. Dyslexi– a typeface designed by Christian Boer helps readers with dyslexia distinguish between frequently mixed up letters.
  3. Bear 71– a 20 minute interactive documentary that uses 1 million photographs to explore human and wildlife interactions.
  4. Playground Sessions– Want to learn how to play the piano? Try out this site.
  5. Perpetual Ocean– a scientific visualization of 30 months of maritime current data developed by NASA.

See the rest of the Innovation by Design Awards here.

Happy Exploring!


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