Year’s End

Today I applied to graduate. Wow. It really does feel like it was only a few months ago when I began the LIS program, and now I’m about to start my final semester. Last year was a challenge in a great way. I took the majority of my classes for the program last year, and I got a better feel for where I fit in best within this field.

One of the main things I learned last year was the importance of not only continuing to develop within things I was already interested in, but to also try participating in other opportunities that weren’t necessarily things I would have thought of doing.

That would be the advice I would give to new library students. Pursue what interests you, but don’t be afraid to explore the field and all the various aspects of it. There are so many different things you can do within this field. Whatever your interest, it can be used within librarianship.  Library school presents us with the opportunity to dabble in all kinds of experiences while continuing to study and focus on the traditional and technical skills we need for the career.  Whether it’s volunteering at a special library, interning within a department, or presenting and networking at a local conference, there are so many ways students can gain experience while in school. This was especially important for me considering I didn’t have much library experience before I started the program. Now that I am so close to the very end, I am really happy that I had the support needed to explore this field. I hope that my final semester will be just as rewarding as the others.


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