Pixlr Review

PixlrDuring our Interns Teach presentation, my fellow intern, Amanda, presented on a tool she discovered called Pixlr.

Pixlr is free online photo editor that allows you to edit your images, and it doesn’t require a download. Pixlr is similar to Gimp and Photoshop in the types of editing tools it offers, so if you are familiar with those applications, you will be able to easily navigate Pixlr’s features. Even if you have never used Photoshop or Gimp, Pixlr is user-friendly and intuitive. Some of the neat features it includes are layering options, filters, effects, adjustments, paint tools, and import/export options. It also has a very detailed help section, which is always helpful.

One downside is that it really isn’t meant to be used for large Raw image formats. Even so, what it can do to converted files (jpeg, bmp, png, gif, etc.) is comparable to higher end photo editors. This would be a great tool to use for quick photo projects or for people who don’t have advanced photo editors. I also like the accessibility of the application because it is online. Libraries and schools that don’t have photo editors installed on their computers can utilize this one and it’s free!


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