Easel.ly Review

easel.lyI am big fan of infographics and graphic design in general. Creating infographics can take a lot of time and skill, and many of the programs that are used to create infographics are also very expensive. For the average user, creating a professional looking infographic can be a challenge. This challenge has been accepted by a new program called Easel.ly (catch the HIMYM reference?)

Easel.ly is a free infographic creator that is available online. It provides various templates to help guide a user in designing an infographic, and it also gives the option of starting with a blank canvas. The best feature of Easel.ly is its drag and drop interface. From shapes and pictorials to text boxes, the drag and drop feature helps users to quickly create and design their own infographic. Now users who don’t have experience with design programs or the money to buy them have an alternative that is fun to work with.

The video Easel.ly created helps to explain the application a bit more.

The only downside to Easel.ly is that it doesn’t provide a way to create charts and graphs based on data. Though you do have the option of uploading a chart created in a different application.

If you are looking to create an infographic that features data heavy information, consider checking out infogr.am. Infogr.am is similar to Easel.ly but it focuses more heavily on charts and provides a bit more interactivity, but it doesn’t provide as many customization options as Easel.ly.

Easel.ly would be a great application for use in schools and libraries because no downloads are required, and it gives people of various tech levels the ability to create infographics that are as beautiful as the professional ones.


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