Discovering your talents

In my Leadership and Management in Information Organizations class, we have been discussing the myth of talents quite a bit lately. I found it very interesting that instead of talents being defined as these skills that are rare and special to a select few, talents are considered recurring patterns of thoughts, behaviors, or feelings. What this means is that someone’s talent is actually his or quirk or thing that they do well naturally, and that everyone has a talent. I once saw a speaker who urged the audience to find the thing that they liked and did well without even really thinking about it and make that thing their career. We’ve had similar discussions about making your talents your career and it reminded me of  a video narrated by philosopher Allan Watts. Watts speak on the  idea of seeking out your talents and defining success through what you desire.

Here’s the video.

So what does that  mean for me or any other LIS student? This field has a number of specialties and career paths. I think it’s wise to start exploring them early on through student jobs, internships, and volunteering, but when you find the specialty you love and are good at, don’t stop doing it.

So what’s your talent?


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