Jewel DavisI’m a former teacher and current LIS student. I geek out on technology and still love teaching. I’m blogging here to bring together my thoughts on education, developing technology, and librarianship. One of my long-term career goals is to find a job that incorporates all of my passions. I’m using this space to figure out how I can bring all of these loves together now.

I can be found in a few places on the web. To make it a bit easy for you, I blog here (lifestyle), periodically here (LISSA Land),  and occasionally here (ACE Scholars).

Here’s my official about me page.

Why am I linking to all this? I know, if you are persistent enough, you could find it anyway, and I don’t really have anything to hide.

Quirks about me:

I have an weird interest in zombies and all things apocalyptic. You will, no doubt, occasionally find ramblings about these topics here. Prepare yourself. Fortunately, they will somehow relate to education or technology.

I have a thing for birds and their symbolism. If you have found me around the internet, you’ll understand.

Magpies: Regarded by some as a bird of ill omen and thievery, the magpie also has a “reputation for acquisitiveness and curiosity”.


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