LIS Projects

Website Production and Usability

This course provided an introduction to website production and usability issues that were particularly relevant to librarians with an emphasis on seeking to understand and enhance users’ experiences.

Final Project*

Click the image to go to the website.

*For this assignment, design was the major focus. The sample website has little content because content was not required.

Media Production Services

This course focused on media and technology applications in libraries and information agencies. Students developed competencies in designing, developing and producing, and presenting media and technology.

Powerpoint Kiosk

Click here to view

Disaster Preparedness Video

Click here to view

Information Literacy

This course introduced concepts of information literacy, teaching philosophies and techniques, and assessment.

Information Literacy Module

Click here to view.

Computer-Related Technologies for Information Management

This course introduced computer technologies with an emphasis on integrated library systems and grant writing for technology acquisition.

 Information Technology Librarian Interview

Social Media

This course introduced concepts and uses of social media in information agencies.

Privacy Comics

Created using Pixton

* Course descriptions provided by UNC-G’s course listings.


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